Scheduled group matches is a configurable paid ($$$) service on that allows users to setup group play for recurring group player participation such as clinics, group play, non USTA matches, etc.  This service allows users to invite players to a predetermined match day/time. Players can accept/decline the invitation via email and group spots are filled according to the user preferences for that group. Once group participation is filled, automated emails are sent to all group players indicating that the group session has been filled and is closed.   As an administrator, you can create as many participant groups to meet your needs.

Create a QM Group.

  • Group Name
  • Description
  • Number of players
  • Number of courts
  • Participant Price (optional)
  • Location
  • Date/time (can be recurring)
  • Group Type: (Singles, Doubles, Clinic, etc.)
  • Select Player Group (auto-fills participant list)

Once you've completed your QM setup, Matchlineup(MLU) will do the heavy lifting. We send an email communications to every partipant in your group and attempt to fill your line-up with maximum participant's needed. MLU utilizes the "first come - first serve" approach. Whomever confirms a position in your line-up first will fill a position. Once all the positions have been filled, MLU will send an email to those remaining participants letting them know the lineup is closed"

As the administrator:

  • You receive verification emails for participants who
    • Accept
    • Decline
  • You can view all accept/declines from the QM control panel
  • Once the QM participant spots have been filled:
    • Participants will be sent an email that no more spots are available
    • Administrator recieves a confirm email that all spots are filled
  • QM display on group calendar
  • Ability to cancel quick matches at anytime
  • Add/Remove participants at anytime

As a participant:

  • You receive an email with quick match details
  • You can accept or decline
  • QM display on group calendar
  • A reminder email 1 day before the match
  • Ability to cancel your participation
Please enjoy our product and provide any suggestions on how we can improve your experience in the Reach us section.

Match Lineup