Welcome to Match Line-up!

Match Line-up is dedicated to supporting tennis leagues across the United States. Our application allows captains to easily manage their players, match availability, match schedules and provides an easy channel for communication. Also, players can quickly view match dates and locations, update their availability and view team player information.

Match Line-up has completed the automated group setup process. This will allow captains to:

  • Create your group
  • Select facilities
    • Select from "Registered Facilities" for quick setup
    • If your facility hasn't been registered yet, no worries! Create a new facility and add as a registered facility
    • Select your HOME facility from the drop-down
  • Add your matches
    • Enter your match information
    • Select your opponent facility and Group Name
  • Add your players
    • If you've used Matchlineup before, simply Select "Existing Players" for quick setup
    • Type your player email addresses in
      • If the player exists in the database, they are automatically setup
      • If not, simply add some additional information
  • Finalize your group

All of your players will be notified via email that they have been registered on your team. If they have never been registered on Matchlineup, they will be provided a username and temporary password. The players can now login to the system and update their availabilty for each match that you've created.

It's that simple! You're now on your way to a successful, easy season of tennis.

Please enjoy our product and provide any suggestions on how we can improve your experience in the "Reach Us" section. Enjoy your tennis seasons, have fun, and be safe!

Match line-up