What's New

March 2015

A New Look

Match Line-up has added a new banner graphic and matched the existing site to the banner colors. This promotes a simplistic and gentle experience while navigating the site. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel!

New Navigation panel

There is a new navigation panel on the right side, above the adds. Various options will be available to the users depending on their login user rights. For example, Captains may see various reports that players will not. The three new options that have been added are:
    What's New
Any new features that have been added each month will be listed here
    Sample Emails
There are several emails that the system sends that you can review. This allows you to understand what coorespondence is being sent to the team
    Match Reports
These reports will show up in the Group Management section for captains

Matches Played

When a player logs into the system and selects "Groups you're on" from the Group Management page, there is now a new tab called "Matches Played". This tab allows users to review the details of a previous matach played including Date, time, location, etc. The great part is a user can also review which players played the match by selecting the "+" sign on the grid.+" sign on the grid.

New Reports - captains

Match Line-up has added two new reports on the group management area section.   This includes both recreational and USTA groups.  When adding a new group, you will be asked a series of questions that will guide you through the process. Depending on whether you select a USTA or recreational group, you will be able to quickly add specific group information, add new and existing players, and add matches.

Password Recovery

Users will no longer be required to enter a "Question and Answer" to retrieve their password.  Now, you simply enter your username and your password will be sent to the email on file.

Match Editing

Match Line-up has added new functionality that allows you to edit the details of your match prior to sending the line-up. For example, let's say you've added all of your matches for the season, and all of your players have entered their availability. Now, you receive a call from another captain asking to move a match date out a week. No problem! With the new match edit capability, you can easily edit your match details, change the date, and all of your players will be notified of the change. Moreover, they will be encouraged to update their availability for the match that has changed.

Team Calendar

A team calendar has been added to provide Captains and Players to see the matches that have been scheduled for the group. Additionally, there is a link that allows the user to click and view the match page cooresponding to the calendar events.